Sunday, April 10, 2011

We're Hiring !

Do people often make comments about how OCD organized you are? Are you often complimented on your style and attention to detail? Are people jealous of how easily you get along with everyone you meet?

And most you love all things weddings??

Well, great news..... Marry Me Productions is having an open casting call and you could be the perfect cast member to join our ‘Productions’ team !

We’re heading into our busiest season and we’ve received numerous resumes over the years but we feel the best way to determine if you will be a right fit for Marry Me would be to meet everyone in person at once. Resumes sometimes can’t convey your awesomeness in person. So we’ve organized a fabulous evening at our offices at 191 Preston Street on Wednesday April 20th from 5-7pm. Bring your resume, your charm and arrive on-time. The earlier you arrive, the more time we have to get to know you. Please note, this is an unpaid internship with the possibility of the position becoming permanent.

What we are looking for:

A genuine love of all things wedding: We want someone who is outgoing, extroverted and loves working with people but able to think on their feet and problem solve on the spot. Keep calm and carry on.

Slightly Type A and obsessed with details:You will be responsible for coordinating weddings with Marry Me Productions’ senior event planners which can include anything from research to on-site wedding coordination to meetings with clients & vendors to basic administrative duties.

Hard Workers: On the outside, you see the beautiful bride, handsome groom, proud parents, happy guests, good food, awesome music, beautiful decor, and gorgeous venue. On the inside: 14 hour work days, timelines, climbing stairs, ladders, putting floors together, moving tables, bustling dresses, crying flower girls, unpaid vendors, bridesmaids, drunk groomsmen, tired feet, and that’s only the half of it. All the details that we love about our job but if you’re worn out just reading it, we need not go any further.

Knowledge of our company: If you can’t tell us anything about our business, how can you tell our clients? Do your research. We are not asking for a book report, but at least show us that you can absorb information and speak intelligently about the industry.

You got style: We sell style. Plain and simple. We sell style and security. When we meet, we need to see how you would meet with our clients and vendors. So yes, we are checking you out: your clothes, your hair, your makeup, your accessories….all of it. Do you look like you stepped out of a magazine or that you should be hit with one?! Have you come professionally dressed or could we mistake you for hanging out at the mall with your friends? First impressions are not just everything, they are the ONLY THING.

What we aren’t looking for:

Social Media Queens: We don't want to know where you were last night, who you were with and what you were doing. We don’t want to hear about or see where you were for reading week on Facebook. If we can google you and find you in a bikini or some other compromising position– trust and believe that our clients can too.

Dreamers: Please don't tell us this is your dream. We are not looking for dreamers. We are looking for someone who can work hard, laugh hard and make it happen. We absolutely want you to be passionate about what you do but realistic about what it takes to succeed.

You think you can do it because you saw it on TV or planned your own wedding: We are not looking for a human PVR machine. We don’t need you to spew every line from The Wedding Planner or the hottest new wedding show. That’s like you going on a medical rotation at a hospital and telling the doctors about what you saw on Grey’s Anatomy! We are glad you’ve planned your wedding. It was fun, wasn’t it? Now do 25 simultaneously. (Why are you crying????) Realise that you have to bring something to the table, as well as being ready to learn and do some grunt work.

At Marry Me Productions, we love what we do, but we also love each other. Every time someone new has joined our team, we have grown both professionally and creatively. So we’re just as excited as you are about this opportunity and we cannot wait to meet all you fantastic people on April 20th.


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