Friday, December 31, 2010

Early bird tickets for ENGAGE now on sale

Consider it a late Christmas gift from Marry Me to you; and quite appropriate for our last blog post of 2010. Originally, we were only going to sell ENGAGE tickets at the door but we had quite a large number of people requesting to buy them in advance so we figured we'd give the public what they want!

On our ENGAGE website, we have a Paypal option to buy your early bird tickets for $15 instead of $20 at the door. They will be mailed right to your home so remember to bring them to ENGAGE in order to gain access to Ottawa's first boutique bridal show !

Here is the original blog post to explain more about what ENGAGE will be offering Ottawa brides.

Start your wedding planning off right in 2011 and get your early bird tickets now. This event is only for one evening- not an entire weekend so don't miss out.

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve !

Thursday, December 30, 2010

'Photogs Got Talent' Contest Closes Tomorrow

Hello again- just a quick reminder to let you all know that tomorrow is the last day to vote for your favourite photos in our "Photogs Got Talent" contest. The photos with the most votes will be incorporated into our new website home image.

Here is the original blog post to give you all the details:

We're so excited to see if you love the same ones we love :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Celebrity Engagements

May and June are the most popular times for engagements but Christmas and New Year's are becoming just as popular. Case in point, Reese Witherspoon and LeeAnn Rimes just got engaged to their sweethearts.

Here is some info about the 'ice' they received this winter season...

Reese Witherspoon received a 4-carat Ashoka diamond stunner set on a pave diamond-and-platinum band from her sweetie Jim Toth. Apparently the co-owner of the store that designed the ring said that "the elegant cut has an old feel to it". As you may have noticed, retro inspired engagement rings have become very popular these past few years.

LeeAnn Rimes was seen showing off a 5 carat oval diamond engagement ring set in platinum. The ring also features single cut pave diamonds and tiny rose cut diamonds set in rose gold fleur-de-lis that are connected to the band. Apparently LeeAnn wanted the fleur-de-lis incorporated into her ring but gave her fiance Eddie Cibrian no other direction than that. So Eddie designed the ring by himself with his childhood friend who happens to be the jeweler that created the stunning ring that echos an antique feel but as a new ring.
Which brings forth another emerging trend in engagement rings- men seem to be doing the ring designing/shopping on their own again. Good for you guys !

And like LeeAnn and Reese, Marry Me says congratulations to anyone else out there who got a little something 'extra' from Santa this Christmas !

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Fête to Remember: Marc and Elise's Romantic French Wedding

Elise and Marc are some of the most elegant people you will ever meet. In fact Elise was 8 months pregnant on her wedding day and still one of the most beautiful brides we have ever seen. They are francophones so their wedding obviously paid homage to their French roots through a simplicity that only the French know but they threw in their own modern twist.

They had their reception at the Museum of Nature in the upstairs loft in October 2010. They chose not to bring in much decor or lighting, instead letting the modern beauty of the room softly mingle with the traditional French elements of their wedding. They kept their wedding colours muted (lattes and mochas, blacks and ivories) since the room itself is white. This was key or else the entire room would look unbalanced as 'edgy' battles 'classic elegance'.

It was stunning to see Elise dance a traditional waltz with her father against the backdrop of the funky leather lounge furniture we rented from Mikaza Home.

Here are just a few of some of the stunning shots of their wedding from our friends at Photolux Studios.

Happy Holidays

The staff at Marry Me Productions want all our brides to take a break from the wedding planning and enjoy the warmth and love that the holiday season brings.

We'll get you back on track with your planning in the new year. For now, enjoy a glass of wine with family and friends.

Happy Holidays !

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nicole Ritchie's Extravagant Wedding

If you're like me, you love a great Hollywood wedding. It's so fun to see what flowers, venues, entertainment and (of course) wedding dresses brides choose when money is no object. Nicole's wedding was no exception. She didn't really go the vintage-bohemian wedding route, she went magical and big- elephant big. And good for her. Her wedding really represented her- fun, but elegant. You only do this day once (we hope) so stay true to who you really are and don't jump on the wedding trend of the year. You want to look at those wedding photos for years to come and be proud of your big day. Even Sarah Jessica Parker (a style icon to many) admitted (in 2002) that she regrets wearing a black cocktail dress on her wedding day back in 1997.

Nicole and Joel got married on December 11 at her father Lionel Ritchie's palatial Beverly Hills home.
Apparently, ever since she was a little girl, the only two things she wanted at her wedding was a dress inspired by Grace Kelly's famous gown and an elephant- for good luck. Nicole's father surprised her with that elephant! Nicole and Joel's son was the ring bearer and their daughter was the flower girl (nothing more heart warming than seeing a couple's children involved in the wedding ceremony).

Under an outdoor tent, a magical 'French Garden' theme housed the guests all evening. Nicole and Joel wanted an 'old-Hollywood glamorous' feel for the wedding and apparently they went all out for the decor- can't wait to see those photos.

Nicole wore 3 custom-made Marchesa gowns including one featuring a ball-gown skirt crafted from more than 100 yards of hand-draped silk organza and tulle petals.

Some of the most beautiful aspects of the wedding involved no money at all: Nicole walked down the aisle to her father's song "Ballerina Girl" and during the reception, Lionel Ritchie sung "You Are" to his baby girl and his new son-in-law. Wow.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...

Christmas came early for the Marry Me team when 2 weeks ago we got the news -and honestly, I can't believe that we have kept it a secret this long - but we couldn't post any photos until the magazine was released.

So finally, we're proud to announce that 2 of our weddings have been featured in back to back issues of WedLuxe - one of Canada's most luxurious wedding magazines. Last issue: Summer/Fall 2010 where Jennifer and Jason Spezza's lavish
wedding was featured and the Winter/Spring 2011 issue (in stores now) featuring another fabulous couple's elegant Ottawa wedding: Monika and Brendan Bell.

However, the great news is not just that Brendan and Monika's wedding was featured, but that WedLuxe declared that this wedding was one of Canada's Top 10 "Haute-est Weddings" and Marry Me was awarded 2 "Best of 2010" Awards for Event Planning.

The email we received from from Angela Desveaux (editor in chief of WedLuxe) explains these awards:

"This year, WedLuxe is EXCITED to debut our first ANNUAL “Best of WedLuxe Awards” to recognize the individual contributions and extraordinary talent of the INCREDIBLE event professionals whose work has been showcased within our featured real-life weddings this year!

Since 2006, the mandate of WedLuxe has been to showcase the VERY best of the Canadian Wedding Industry.

Every issue, we receive hundreds of real-life wedding submissions and narrow them down to the top 7-10 in each region. We publish the most beautiful, most stylish, most creative and most exclusive weddings produced by Canada’s top-notch wedding professionals. The results? Truly, ‘award-winning’ work from everyone involved in each chosen story! So, we decided it was time to recognize the individual vendors accordingly! :)

These awards are to honour and celebrate your work as featured in the Toronto and Eastern Canada Edition(s) of WedLuxe – Canada’s luxury wedding magazine in 2010. Congratulations!"

To be acknowledged by one of Canada's most respected wedding magazines is an honour for us and a goal that Stacey Price set for herself when she began Marry Me back in 2005. We thank Angela and the Wedluxe team who continues to raise the bar for elegance in Canadian wedding magazines.

Monica and Brendan's drool-worthy wedding album will been uploaded to our 'gallery' on our
paparazzi page early next week, so make sure you check it out.

Next stop.... planning Kate and William's wedding ;)

Thanks for all your support over the years- we're so happy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Little 'Teaser'

Love these pics? So did one of the most respected wedding magazines in Canada. Stay tuned to find out which magazine and if we won any of their awards.

Photos provided by MIV Photography

So exciting....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The White Dress is Online !

We're happy to finally announce that The White Dress is online ! Although we've been open since late October, we wanted to make sure the website was fabulous and really got across the 'feel' of our new store- chic, elegant and luxurious !

By partnering with Danica Redden and Jasmine Craig (fellow owners with us), Marry Me has now extended our brand to include The White Dress. Our Marry Me offices are now conveniently housed in this gorgeous boutique located in the heart of Preston Street. From your initial consultation surrounded by Vera, Monique and Badgley, the energy from the boutique only helps to elevate the wedding planning process.

We know you love reading our blog so we're happy to announce that Jasmine has also started a blog for The White Dress where she will be keeping you up to date about all things wedding dress and fashion-related... Gossip Girl style ;) xo

The White Dress is also on
Facebook so become a 'fan' and hear about all the latest news and specials we're offering at The White Dress (hint: there is a special we just launched for December).

Vendor Spotlight: { First Kiss Films }

It's very rare that we devote an entire blog post to a fellow wedding industry vendor (not because we don't love our vendors, but we work with so many that it's impossible to include everyone) but we will feature someone when we think they are revolutionizing the wedding industry. { First Kiss Films } has escalated your typical 'wedding video' to elegant lifestyle cinematography.

Brief background; they are a production company owned by award winning filmmaker Bridget Redmond. The company is based in Ottawa (lucky us!) specializing in producing fine art wedding and lifestyle films entirely on 16mm and Super 8mm film (real film!) on vintage cameras. Perfect for couples looking to capture a more heirloom, vintage and reminiscent feel for their wedding film.

Your wedding film is then edited and set to carefully selected music that perfectly complements the moments Bridget captures . Your final 5-15 minute film delivers an experience that transports you back to all the emotions you experienced providing an artful retelling of your wedding day. Bridget's eye for detail extends past the camera lens and to the final product. She delivers your wedding film in a chic DVD tin wrapped with a bow.

We have to take a moment to talk about Bridget herself. Your wedding film is only as beautiful as the artistic eyes behind that camera; and trust us, you are in good hands (or more accurately; eyes) with Bridget. We have worked with her side by side at many weddings as well as our Something White for Something Right gala this past November and she sees unique film opportunities in moments that you wouldn't think twice about. She is able to turn the chaos at the bride's house the morning of a wedding into a compilation of tears, laughter and precious tender moments between a bride, her maids and her parents. It will give you goosebumps.

Bridget explains her process; "To ensure your wedding film reflects your personality and tells your unique story, I enjoy meeting with the bride and groom before their big day in order to get to know them, their tastes and expectations. Meetings allow us to discuss the film, plan locations, talk about your specific requests and any must have shots you would like in the final edit. Each film is unique and the more I know about the couple, their family and wedding day details the better I can create a film that captures their unique story."

Now Bridget is applying her 15 years of filmmaking and photography experience to capture the beauty of once-in-a-lifetime moments. A graduate of both Film Studies and the Photographic Arts, her numerous award-winning films have been screened over 100 times at international film festivals and events on all five major continents. Her photography has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and on numerous touring exhibits including Oprah's "Live Your Best Life" Tour. Whether she's working as Artistic Director of the Burundi Film Center, teaching 16mm filmmaking classes to women in Ottawa or cuddling up with her filmmaker husband to watch and discuss film, Bridget's passion for cinema touches almost every aspect of her life.

We can go on about { First Kiss Films } forever, but at this point we think it's best to let Bridget's work speak for itself. Click on the images below to be brought directly to the video's homepage. Or visit Bridget in person at Engage this February.

Tina & Bola's wedding at the Chateau Laurier

'Rock the Frock'

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ENGAGE ! ~ Ottawa's First Boutique Bridal Show ~

Be first. Be inspired. Be there.

Forget the 10x10 booth, forget the 6 foot table and wedding show crowds...Picture’re surrounded by your best girls, sipping champagne and nibbling on mouth watering hors d'oeuvres from the finest caterers while watching the city’s lights dance on the lake below you. Sweet sounds from some of our city’s most talented musicians are filling the room. You’re relaxed, comfortable and inspired; speaking with the artists of Ottawa’s wedding industry who can make your exquisite dream wedding a reality.

Toronto has one, Vancouver has one and we feel our stylish city definitely deserves one. ENGAGE is a Boutique Bridal Event that will set Ottawa abuzz the evening of Wednesday, February 2, 2011 from 4pm-9pm. Tickets will be $20 at the door and each guest will receive a complimentary champagne cocktail and chic swag bag filled with items for the bride that scream “I’m getting married and I’m armed to do it properly”.

ENGAGE will offer brides a limited, elite and carefully selected assembly of exhibitors, in fact this is the first time, Marry Me has stood up and said ‘this is who we work with, these are our friends and this is the team of trendsetters that can take your wedding to the next level’.

We’ve been planning Engage on paper for just under 3 years, so you may have noticed some of the ‘teasers’ on our Marry Me Productions website and our Facebook event page for it. However, with 2011 and 2012 brides starting the wedding planning process, we felt it was time to kick this event into overdrive.

Over the last 6 years, Marry Me Productions has planned over 190 weddings making us industry sought-after experts. Our weddings have been featured on The Life Network’s “Rich Bride, Poor Bride” and in such bridal magazines as Perfect Weddings, Wedding Bells, Bride & Bloom and as part of the glitterati in Wedluxe. Marry Me’s stylish and respected consultants contribute regularly to Ottawa’s A-Channel and are consulted as industry experts by the Ottawa Citizen on a monthly basis. So with all that planning, we now feel we have acquired enough industry knowledge to invite Ottawa’s most talented and respected wedding vendors to meet the city’s brides in an intimate and relaxed environment.

And speaking of our ‘environment’... our venue search was fairly extensive as we wanted to select a place that was central, comfortable and evokes a lounge type-feel. It is important to give both brides and vendors the space and time to really ‘engage’ in ideas and discussions regarding your wedding. That said, we are proud to announce we have partnered with LAGO Bar and Grill in the Dow’s Lake Pavilion for this event- a modern and stylish venue for our city’s stylish and savvy brides!

Reserve your girlfriends or mom now and don’t miss out on Ottawa's first boutique bridal show.

We’re proud to finally announce the best wedding vendors in Ottawa who will be a part of ENGAGE.


The National Gallery of Canada
Dazzling by day, dramatic by night. The National Gallery has everything to make your wedding outstanding. The Great Hall is an architectural jewel of granite and glass. This and other unique spaces such as the Sunken Garden, Water Court Foyer and the Restaurant des Beaux Arts offer a range of spaces to suit your needs.

Chateau Laurier
Reflecting the confidence, dignity and style of Ottawa, Fairmont Château Laurier stands as a testament to this dynamic, thriving city. Start your happily ever after at one of Canada’s most historic hotels.


Miv Photography

One of Ottawa’s most stylish photographers with an office in the equally chic Westboro Village. Miv pours his soul into each of his weddings while keeping things light and fun on the big day.

Photolux Studio
One of Ottawa’s most respected photographers operating in Ottawa for over 2 decades winning countless national and international awards.


Tulips & Maple
Begin a lifetime of happiness with a day planned by Tulips and Maple. Whether your wedding day is an elegant affair at the National Gallery or a small backyard reception under a tent, a creative BBQ planned at your childhood cottage or a cocktails and hors d’oeuvres midnight reception Tulips and Maple has handled it all.

Thyme & Again Catering
Their doors opened in 1991 and they are now seen as one of our city’s most sought-after caterers. Freshness, quality, taste, commitment to service and exceptional customer service are what give Thyme & Again every reason to continue pushing the culinary envelope.


Flowers Talk
Their flowers are tailored to express each client’s vision of their celebration. Stop by their boutique to see their works of art in person.

Bel Fiore
Are floral designers who truly love creating beautiful arrangements of colour, texture and shape.
Each piece is unique and they use only the freshest flowers. Visit their boutique on Elgin in the heart of the market to experience their works of art first hand.

Lifestyle Films:

{ First Kiss Films }
Classic, gorgeous and universally flattering. Award-winning filmmaker Bridget Redmond uses classic Super 8mm & 16mm film to capture your special day and preserve moments you will cherish and share forever.


Groovy Linen
Ottawa’s finest linen rental company has one of the largest linen selection in the city making them able to meet all your linen and chair cover needs for your wedding day.


Party Time Rentals
Party Time Rentals is the Ottawa/Gatineau area’s premier party rental company. They offer the largest selection of chairs, tables, linens, dinnerware, flatware, glassware, hollowware, silver accessories and serving items, tents, staging, dance floors, décor items and much more. Consultants on site are always happy to assist you around their showroom.

Mikaza Home

Mikaza Home is Ottawa's best place for modern furniture and modern classic reproductions. Perfect for adding funky lounge furniture such as tables, bars, sofas, chairs and rugs to your wedding or cocktail reception.

Make Up:

Ottawa Makeup Artists

Experience, expertise and exceptional service have made these Ottawa Makeup Artists the city's most sought-after beauty professionals. These artists are the city’s source for fresh and flawless in-home or on-location beauty applications.

Spa Angels

There is a reason these girls are called “angels”. They come to your house or your event and pamper you with manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing and even lash and brow tints. One of Ottawa’s best kept secrets.

Cakes & Sweets:

The Flour Shoppe
The Flour Shoppe brings style to the dessert table one cupcake at a time. Baked fresh daily, their cupcakes combine quality ingredients with picture perfect design so that each creation tastes as good as it looks. Fun or formal, sweet or spicy- The Flour Shoppe has everything you are looking for.

The Girl with the Most Cake
A speciality cake shop that designs very glamorous cakes for those who choose the unique and extraordinary, the ravishing and the whimsical. Each cake is a one of-a-kind creation, where the quality of ingredients and taste match its beauty. We’re very excited about their presence at ENGAGE since these ladies never do wedding shows.

The Candy Store

Ottawa just got a little sweeter when The Candy Store came to town. Ranked the #1 candy store in Ottawa, this European-inspired boutique carries everything your wedding would need from gumballs and liquorice to chocolates and retro candies.


Sway Orchestra
Sway is comprised of experienced and versatile musicians that will entertain your wedding guests with a wide variety of musical styles spanning all eras. Their high standard of musical expertise creates the ultimate party atmosphere.

Quality Entertainment

Quality Entertainment is the juggernaut of DJ services in Ottawa. With a staff of over 40 DJ’s and 20 years of experience, Quality has the means to deliver an unforgettable night of music, games, AV experiences and much more for your wedding.



PaperStudio highlights both traditional and contemporary designs in invitations, cards and accessories. They carry a fabulous selection of domestic or imported papers, envelopes, containers for favours, rolls of ribbon and gifts for your wedding.


The White Dress

A brand new chic bridal boutique that boasts designer labels exclusively available at The White Dress for the luxurious, contemporary and couture bride. For the first time in Ottawa come see Vera Wang, Monique LHuillier, Badgley Mischka, Priscilla of Boston and Melissa Sweet.


Jubilee Jewellers

Since 1952, Jubilee Fine Jewellers has built its reputation on family values, exceptional service, and fine quality products. As Ottawa's premier jeweller with four designer boutiques, they are also the exclusive jeweller to the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club and offer world class jewellery brands to Ottawa brides.


Wedding Republic
If you are tired of traditional and want a registry that fits your lifestyle than Wedding Republic is the company for you! Nothing is off limits with a WR registry! You can register for anything. Guests can see what you really want and you get the cash value of each gift. Too exciting to explain- you must visit their booth !


Wayne Thompson: Core Plus Fitness

Formerly Guh-da-tah and founder of the Yummy Mummy Bootcamp, Core Plus Fitness Personal Training owner and instructor Wayne Thompson offers high-energy, fun and effective workouts. Wayne has developed a bridal bootcamp especially for ENGAGE. He’ll get you in the best shape of your life- for the rest of your life.


Marry Me Productions

Marry Me Productions provides an unparalleled approach to wedding planning. Over the past 5 years we have become the wedding planning and design company of choice for savvy, stylish clients in the know as well as high profile clients and Ottawa celebrities.

Lynne & Keith Exceptional Ceremonies

As Ottawa’s only full-time ceremony and marriage celebrants, they have invested thousands of hours in researching and developing a range of approaches which inject life, energy and originality into every ceremony they perform. They are widely regarded as Ottawa’s most innovative wedding officiants.

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