Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lisa and Dan's Island Nuptials

I was watching one of the many wedding reality shows out there and there was a comment made that I keep trying to convey "That could have been anyone's wedding I was at. Nothing stood out as her own" Now, keep in mind that this show pins 4 brides against each other to win a dream honeymoon by rating each other's wedding days. Trashy- sure, but that one bride said it very well.

We always convey to our clients (and through this blog) the importance of infusing your big day with personal details representative of you and your fiance. Even if it's through the wedding favours (grandma's homemade cookies), a custom video (check out Amy and Fil's wedding intro video at, your kissing game (my friend married a baseball pitcher and the kissing game was a pitching booth in the corner of the room complete with balls and net raising money for a charity close to their hearts) or the bride's favourite colour being used as a the linens.

Well this couple's wedding was the epitome of making it their own. Lisa and Dan were married on August 1 2010 on one of the Thousand Islands. The island they were on was actually Lisa's childhood cottage which she still summers at with Dan. Yes, they are as adorable as they sound. We loved working with them.

The logistics behind this wedding was difficult as one could imagine. Everything had to be boated onto the island- the tent, the musical and catering equipment even the portable toilets. Boats were shuttling guests to and from the island all afternoon and evening. But it was all worth it because on their wedding day, Lisa and Dan exchanged vows under the sun-soaked trees that Lisa used to play under when she was a child. It doesn't get more personal that that.

If you look through the photos, you'll see that there was very little decor at the wedding other than the floral centrepieces on the tables inside the tent and 2 urns filled with 2 floral arrangements. We didn't have to bring in any other decor because we had the most beautiful decor imaginable- the bright sunshine, the wild flowers and the towering trees. Not to mention the breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River.

During cocktail hour, there were two (self serve) drink dispensers, one contained water with fresh cucumber slices inside and the other contained lemonade with fresh mint leaves and flowers inside. Not only was that a perfect touch for an outdoor wedding (we always love seeing them at outdoor weddings) but very useful since it was a hot day. The water was pretty much gone by the end of the cocktail hour. Lisa and Dan also left out baskets of freshly picked blueberries for guests to snack on. Healthy and appropriate.

The dinner menu itself was seasonal and pulled off beautifully by Pam Ritchie of Pam Ritchie Catering & Events from Kingston. All the food was very light, reflecting the feel of the outdoor island wedding.

Take a look at some of the photos from the magical day courtesy of Annemarie Gruden

Ring Bearer Bowl

Photo by Andrew Geddes

We have gotten many requests about an item seen in the photos from Aysha's and Mark's "Country Charm" wedding on our blog a few weeks ago. Specifically, Mark is holding a ceramic bowl with the rings in it and our readers wanted to know what it was, what it said, where you get it etc. Well, we wanted to pass along the romantically unique idea to you all.

Firstly, the ceramic bowl is made by

This little white ceramic "ring bearer bowl" is hand made and hand-stamped with the custom words of your choice, making it a true modern heirloom.
The photos on the website are just a few examples of the custom text that could be stamped on your notes, names, dates, and favorite words are all adorable options.

This Ring Bearer Bowl has two little holes near the top rim, which is where the rings are held by a cord. The cord can be easily switched out -by you- to another ribbon that coordinates with your wedding style, if you prefer.... such as your wedding's colours or even your 'something blue' for the big day.

Don't think that you need a ring bearer to actually use this bowl. It's also perfect for ceremonies without a ring bearer- the best man, maid of honor, or officiant can comfortably carry this little dish or keep an eye on it during the ceremony. It makes for great photos with your photographer post-ceremony as well.

After the wedding, the cord can be tied into a loop or a bow, and the bowl can be used to hold jewelry, mementos or other treasures. It can also be hung by it's cord on a wall in a special spot (next to your wedding photo would be nice), in a shadow box frame, or even on your Christmas tree. So, the price for this bowl, which is actually affordable to begin with, turns into an investment because it is easy to use this piece long after your wedding day.
Each piece is hand-crafted of fine pure white clay, and fired in a kiln; they have a protective matte finish applied to the surface and are designed for decorative use.

Each bowl measures approximately 3.5" inches in fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

Happy shopping !

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Huge News for Marry Me and Ottawa Brides !

The big day is finally here !

Typically you get to read our blogs done by the fabulous Karen Norris, but this news is just so exciting I wanted to tell you myself.

The team at Marry Me Productions has grown over the last few years from just myself, into the winning combination of myself, Karen, Chriss and Tiziana.
And with this growth comes the need for an official place to work together, meet clients and create fabulous weddings.

So..... we are finally opening up an office!

Okay, you may be thinking "this is the news I have been waiting for? How does this affect me?"
Well, not only does Marry Me Productions have a new home but our home will be inside Ottawa’s newest Haute Couture Bridal Boutique.
The shop is called The White Dress and will be opening mid October on Preston Street.

Marry Me has partnered with Jasmine Craig and Danica Redden to create this boutique that will not only provide exceptional wedding planning but will offer clients the only location in Ottawa to view gowns from a number of high-end North American designers. And speaking of designers, that is where the really exciting news comes in....finally available to Ottawa brides and exclusively at The White Dress will be gowns by Priscilla of Boston, Melissa Sweet, Badgley Mischka, Monique Lhuillier and wait for it...Vera Wang!! (moment to exhale)

Currently these dresses, seen everywhere from Carrie Underwood to Chelsea Clinton, are only available in Montreal and Toronto so we are thrilled to provide a medium for brides to buy haute couture bridal attire here in Ottawa. We are a fashionable and stylish city and our brides deserve the best and now some of the best bridal gowns are coming straight to you.

Obviously, a bridal store makes sense for us to share office space with. Brides coming in to look at dresses will have an opportunity to speak with myself to see what we can offer them in terms of planning their wedding. Conversely, our current clients who need to meet us for planning purposes will now be surrounded by some of the dreamiest wedding dresses imaginable!
Does wedding planning get any more romantic that that?

More information will follow on Facebook, Twitter and this blog about our grand store opening.

Monique, Badgley and Vera. Oh My.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Falling in Love with these Autumn Ideas

It was 42 degrees yesterday with the humidex and 40 today ! I recently completely finished my backyard: deck, patio, fence- the works- and I love it. This is why the following statement seems both strange and painful at the same time to me- Fall is just around the corner !

I can barely admit it myself for personal selfish reasons (more sunshine, more patio drinks, more cottage time... please!!), but for wedding planning purposes, it's important you don't procrastinate and think ahead. In fact, when it comes to weddings, it's one of my favourite times to get married. The weather is not blistering hot, the trees around you provide the ultimate backdrop for your decor/photos and favours, fabric and food ideas are thicker, warmer and richer.

We love following Darcy's 'Wedding Idea of the Day' from Martha Stewart and the last few weeks have (naturally) been highlighting fun ideas for Fall weddings. So whether you are getting married this Fall or next Fall there are great ideas in here for everyone.

Think of using wild flowers or rustic fresh herbs for flower arrangements or decor.

This "harvest centerpiece" was designed with wheat and other dried grasses so it can be made ahead of time.

These mini caramel apples are perfect for your midnight buffet to give your guests the sugar they need to keep dancing or a sweet treat to greet your guests when they arrive to your reception hall for cocktails.

Warming up the colour of your stationary and adding Fall icons such as leaves, acorns and berries instantly alerts your guests to your Fall themed wedding.

Showcase the colours and symbols of Fall in your groomsmen's boutonnieres.

And don't forget your flower girl, she can carry a festive basket and scatter Fall leaves along the aisle before you make your grand entrance.

Cinnamon-Orange Molasses Cookies would be a perfect Fall treat to be served at your midnight buffet or during cocktail hour. How cute would it be to pair them with some warm apple cider when guests step out of the crisp Fall air outside and into your warm reception.

Just as you didn't forget your flower girl or groomsmen, don't forget your ring bearer. Dress up an otherwise boring pillow with embossed velvet leaves made with a rubber stamp and an iron.

A white pumpkin shell becomes the vase to an orange-yellow and peach Fall centerpiece. If your budget does not allow pumpkins to be the vases for your centerpieces (you need lots of flowers to fill a pumpkin), think of carving out holes in the baby pumpkins and place tealight candles in them.

Place your guests names in pomegranates (which are in season, thus less expensive) to add a pop of colour to your place card table. Apples and pears would work too.

If you prefer having the traditional folded paper place cards, consider these paper-thin wood veneer place cards (which are surprisingly inexpensive). The different shaped leaves indicate which guests are vegetarian or not.

If pears won't be used as your place card holder, consider using them as favours. Tie them up in bags with a gold ribbon on top attached to a card that lists the couple's wedding date, names and the phrase "a perfect pair".

Are pear favours to easy for you? Try ordering delicious pecan pies from your favourite local bakery and placing them them paper bags with thank you labels attached.

And feast your eyes on the following bouquets. Just add leaves, dates, kumquats and acorns and tie it with twine or a thick heavy ribbon to transform your bouquet into a Fall harvest

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