Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lisa and Dan's Island Nuptials

I was watching one of the many wedding reality shows out there and there was a comment made that I keep trying to convey "That could have been anyone's wedding I was at. Nothing stood out as her own" Now, keep in mind that this show pins 4 brides against each other to win a dream honeymoon by rating each other's wedding days. Trashy- sure, but that one bride said it very well.

We always convey to our clients (and through this blog) the importance of infusing your big day with personal details representative of you and your fiance. Even if it's through the wedding favours (grandma's homemade cookies), a custom video (check out Amy and Fil's wedding intro video at, your kissing game (my friend married a baseball pitcher and the kissing game was a pitching booth in the corner of the room complete with balls and net raising money for a charity close to their hearts) or the bride's favourite colour being used as a the linens.

Well this couple's wedding was the epitome of making it their own. Lisa and Dan were married on August 1 2010 on one of the Thousand Islands. The island they were on was actually Lisa's childhood cottage which she still summers at with Dan. Yes, they are as adorable as they sound. We loved working with them.

The logistics behind this wedding was difficult as one could imagine. Everything had to be boated onto the island- the tent, the musical and catering equipment even the portable toilets. Boats were shuttling guests to and from the island all afternoon and evening. But it was all worth it because on their wedding day, Lisa and Dan exchanged vows under the sun-soaked trees that Lisa used to play under when she was a child. It doesn't get more personal that that.

If you look through the photos, you'll see that there was very little decor at the wedding other than the floral centrepieces on the tables inside the tent and 2 urns filled with 2 floral arrangements. We didn't have to bring in any other decor because we had the most beautiful decor imaginable- the bright sunshine, the wild flowers and the towering trees. Not to mention the breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River.

During cocktail hour, there were two (self serve) drink dispensers, one contained water with fresh cucumber slices inside and the other contained lemonade with fresh mint leaves and flowers inside. Not only was that a perfect touch for an outdoor wedding (we always love seeing them at outdoor weddings) but very useful since it was a hot day. The water was pretty much gone by the end of the cocktail hour. Lisa and Dan also left out baskets of freshly picked blueberries for guests to snack on. Healthy and appropriate.

The dinner menu itself was seasonal and pulled off beautifully by Pam Ritchie of Pam Ritchie Catering & Events from Kingston. All the food was very light, reflecting the feel of the outdoor island wedding.

Take a look at some of the photos from the magical day courtesy of Annemarie Gruden


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