Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mikaza Home Christmas Sale

Our good friends at Mikaza Home are having a great sale that may have been organized by Saint-Nick himself because the deals are that great.

For those of you that don't know, Mikaza Home http://www.mikazahome.com/index.php?page=home specialize in supplying modern furniture, lighting and decor for residential, commercial and event markets. They have supplied some of the luxurious lounge furniture (and reception chairs) you have seen in some of our wedding 'galleries'.

So, we told them we'd be happy to pass along their sale information to our blog readers since a lot of you have contacted us asking where we got the furniture for some of the weddings we've organized because you would love a particular couch for your living room for example.

More good news- Mikaza Home is one of our featured vendors for Engage so if you join us at Engage, you can meet Mihran and Katia in person. They are as sweet as can be.

The sale is taking place Thursday December 2 from 5-9pm. Visit their website for more details and their location, but we're including the pdf flyer here for you to check out: http://www.mikazahome.com/Mikaza_Santa.pdf

Happy shopping !


The Marry Me Elves

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Photographers got Talent' Contest is Now Open

Afternoon lovelies !

We hope you haven't forgotten about our exciting contest that we need your help with ! Months ago, we told you that we'd email our fav photographers to ask them for some of their most drool-worthy shots of weddings we've worked on together. They did not disappoint. It was hard enough to narrow it down to the 15 we're about to showcase to you.
The point of this contest is that we always like our Marry Me website
http://www.marrymeproductions.ca/ to have rotating images of our weddings on our homepage. We have always chosen the pictures ourselves but we thought it'd be fun for a change to have the public choose our images instead.

The voting will be done on our Facebook Fan page (you have to be a fan to vote). You can just add your vote by 'liking' the photo. Comments will be counted as votes too if the comment is obviously gushing about the photo. You can 'like' as many photos as you want. The 3 photos with the most 'likes' will be deemed the winners.

The photos will not be credited (until the contest is over) because we want to ensure the photos that have the most votes are chosen because of their pure beauty and not because the voter knows the photographer.

Contest closes December 31 2010 at midnight. You can vote as many times as you like.

Here is a sneak peak of the contenders.....

It's in your hands now people .... may the best photographer win !

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nicole and Regan's Simple, Elegant and oh-so Pretty Affair

Nicole and Regan were married on September 25 2010 in an affair that was a perfect balance of elegance and simplicity.

Nicole and Regan, not only work in politics but met in politics so the regal members-only Rideau Club in the heart of downtown served as the perfect venue to host their family and friends after an intimate ceremony at Blessed Sacrament Church in the Glebe.

Although their wedding took place during the fall, Nicole and Regan opted to forgo the standard ‘autumn wedding’ colours such as reds, oranges and browns. Instead, Nicole smartly played off the understated elegance of the Rideau Club’s main dining room. Ivory, white, grey and blush gave the room a soft & romantic glow by sunset. The room’s backdrop was the city lights of Ottawa and the Parliament Buildings that were clearly visible since we were 15 floors above the city. The entire room was enough to take your breath away.

Nicole also paid close attention to the small details for her reception but didn’t overdo them which were the strings that pulled her elegant but light-hearted affair together. Case in point, take a look at her card box- a vintage hat box delicately wrapped with a light grey silk bow and fashioned with a diamond broach. Her ‘wishing area’ was a glass apothecary jar filled with card stock in ivory, grey and blush wishing the couple well. So simple right, but oh-so pretty.

For this simple but classy couple, the 'less is more' theme suited them perfectly. The only thing that wasn’t ‘simple’ was the love they had for each other that day- they were absolutely inspiring to be around.

All the best Nicole and Regan !

All the gorgeous photography is thanks to our friends (and new neighbours!) at Photolux Studio

Monday, November 15, 2010

Marry Me Productions on You Tube

Thanks to the A-Channel loading their news segments onto You Tube, we were able to compile Stacey's recent appearances for you in one place.
Stacey makes many appearances on the A-Channel, most done over 'Wedding Week' in late October. Stacey is also the wedding planner for The A-Channel's annual live on-air wedding done at the end of 'Wedding Week' again, in late October-early November.

We'll load all of Marry Me's appearance's on our blog here for future reference.

This video features Stacey giving her top tips to make your wedding day perfect.
Original airdate: November 5 2010.

This video has Stacey getting back into her wedding dress to promote the second annual Something White for Something Right, a gala fundraiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.
Original airdate: October 25 2010

This video shows Stacey explaining how to stay on budget when planning your big day.
Original airdate: October 20 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Quick 'thank you' following Something White for Something Right

We are still basking the afterglow of the huge success of Something White for Something Right... but wanted to quickly pop in and post a huge THANK YOU to all our vendors that were there the day of, our sponsors that were there in spirit and of course our beautiful (and handsome) guests !

We’re going to have a blog post in the near future that will go into greater detail about the event, how much we raised and will feature more photos and a video but for now, we wanted to tease you with this photo.

Love you all !

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Interesting Article about Vera Wang

Miss Vera Wang tells it like it is. Check out this interesting article about the 20 tips she has learned over her 20 years leading her namesake company to the top.
Did you know she was an Olympic ice skating contender in 1968? Or a Vogue editor? or a designer for Ralph Lauren ? All those experiences shaped her success today. Read on....


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