Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nicole and Regan's Simple, Elegant and oh-so Pretty Affair

Nicole and Regan were married on September 25 2010 in an affair that was a perfect balance of elegance and simplicity.

Nicole and Regan, not only work in politics but met in politics so the regal members-only Rideau Club in the heart of downtown served as the perfect venue to host their family and friends after an intimate ceremony at Blessed Sacrament Church in the Glebe.

Although their wedding took place during the fall, Nicole and Regan opted to forgo the standard ‘autumn wedding’ colours such as reds, oranges and browns. Instead, Nicole smartly played off the understated elegance of the Rideau Club’s main dining room. Ivory, white, grey and blush gave the room a soft & romantic glow by sunset. The room’s backdrop was the city lights of Ottawa and the Parliament Buildings that were clearly visible since we were 15 floors above the city. The entire room was enough to take your breath away.

Nicole also paid close attention to the small details for her reception but didn’t overdo them which were the strings that pulled her elegant but light-hearted affair together. Case in point, take a look at her card box- a vintage hat box delicately wrapped with a light grey silk bow and fashioned with a diamond broach. Her ‘wishing area’ was a glass apothecary jar filled with card stock in ivory, grey and blush wishing the couple well. So simple right, but oh-so pretty.

For this simple but classy couple, the 'less is more' theme suited them perfectly. The only thing that wasn’t ‘simple’ was the love they had for each other that day- they were absolutely inspiring to be around.

All the best Nicole and Regan !

All the gorgeous photography is thanks to our friends (and new neighbours!) at Photolux Studio


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