Monday, November 15, 2010

Marry Me Productions on You Tube

Thanks to the A-Channel loading their news segments onto You Tube, we were able to compile Stacey's recent appearances for you in one place.
Stacey makes many appearances on the A-Channel, most done over 'Wedding Week' in late October. Stacey is also the wedding planner for The A-Channel's annual live on-air wedding done at the end of 'Wedding Week' again, in late October-early November.

We'll load all of Marry Me's appearance's on our blog here for future reference.

This video features Stacey giving her top tips to make your wedding day perfect.
Original airdate: November 5 2010.

This video has Stacey getting back into her wedding dress to promote the second annual Something White for Something Right, a gala fundraiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.
Original airdate: October 25 2010

This video shows Stacey explaining how to stay on budget when planning your big day.
Original airdate: October 20 2010


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