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Real Wedding - Carolyn and Dom under the Tuscan Sun...

Weddings are romantic to begin with so add in a destination wedding to Italy and the 'breath-taking' metre goes over the edge.
We worked with sweethearts Carolyn and Dom (based here), to plan their Italian nuptials and then travelled to Podere Finerri, located in Siena Italy to actually pull everything together.

Picture this, the bride climbing up the stone stairs of a centuries-old stone country church. Guests dining on authentic Italian cuisine on the sun soaked patio overlooking the peaceful Tuscan countryside where olive groves are your spectators. The bride and groom dancing to their first song under candlelights flickering just enough to showcase the old world magic of the 300+ year old romantic ruin nestled in the Sienese hills.
Do you have your plane ticket booked yet? We were honoured to join Carolyn and Dom on their fairytale journey to Italy in July 2012.

Hold onto your jaws (they will hit the floor) when flipping through the stunning photos captured by Chris Schlesak Photography.

All the best Carolyn and Dom- we miss you  xo

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Guest Blog: { First Kiss Films } educates us on the beauty of vintage wedding cinematography

Photo credit: { First Kiss Films }

If you have seen any of { First Kiss Films } beautiful films, you know that they are more like works of art than just films. We especially love the film they did for our couple Jude & Nate in the summer of 2012. Today, Bridget of { First Kiss Films } educates us on the difference between her films and the more commonly used digital video. We hope you will learn something – we certainly did!

Wedding cinematography. It’s a “must” for some engaged couples and considered a “nice to have” for others. But when did couples first begin to have their big day captured on film?

Decades ago, before video became popular, wedding films were shot by family members on super 8mm film. These distinctive films became treasured keepsakes for couples and their families, enduring for generations. But in the 80s and 90s, digital video became popular and the “wedding video” was born. In the last decade, new technologies and styles have come a long way, but we at { First Kiss Films } are still convinced it’s only a classic filmmaking approach mixed with modern technologies that can perfectly capture the emotions of the day: vintage weddings films.

Photo credit: { First Kiss Films }

How is vintage cinematography different from digital video?
Most wedding “films” you see today actually don’t use film at all. They are shot using digital cameras and memory cards. Vintage wedding films are different. They are created using classic, hand-cranked movie cameras and real celluloid film – the kind you can hear whizzing through the camera and hold in your hand afterwards.

Photo credit: { First Kiss Films }
Sound is approached differently as well. Digital video cameras record the audio automatically so if having all of your vows and every reception speech word-for-word recorded is important to you then digital video is the way to go. Vintage films do have a sound option as well, but it is often recorded separately. The audio that is captured is then edited to select poignant sound clips from the day and creatively incorporate them throughout the final film. However, most of our clients allow the images
to speak for themselves by requesting just a soundtrack to accompany their wedding day imagery. We agree that this approach, along with a finely edited re-telling of your wedding day, creates a touching final film that you will love to watch and share with family and friends over and over again.

Photo credit: { First Kiss Films }
Why shoot on film?
Genuine film was invented 125 years ago. Aesthetically, it’s still the most gorgeous and magical medium, evoking a sense of intimacy that can be felt by the viewer. You often hear of people wanting to make HD video look like film, but you never hear of someone wanting to make film look like HD video. Because using real film achieves a dreamy, nostalgic look that digital still can not replicate, there has been a renewed interest in capturing life’s big moments on real motion picture film.


Photo credit: { First Kiss Films }
This classic analogue art form also endures the test of time. Film is the only true archival medium and will remain beautiful for a lifetime. Our clients receive their final film on DVD, but there is always a permanent, eternally legible backup copy (the film itself) that is given to our couples when their final film is delivered.

photo credit: Darren Brown Photography
But shooting on film alone does not make for a great final product. Good filmmaking is not just about the medium you choose to work with, but how you shoot and edit every frame you capture. And no one is more dedicated to that than { First Kiss Films }.

See for yourself...

Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Favourite Pinterest Ideas for your Wedding

We hope you were able to catch us this morning on CTV Ottawa Morning Live's WeddingWeek"! We had so much fun sharing the best ideas we've seen on Pinterest. We know that just about every bride has a Pinterest account nowadays and at LEAST one inspiration board full of wedding ideas. But all those images can be overwhelming to say the least. So we scoured Pinterest for you and here are the best ideas we found...


Grandmas as Flower Girls: Enough Said!

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We think this idea is just too adorable for words. Give your grandmas a more active role in the ceremony by letting them act as young as they feel and be your flower girls for the big day! The look of joy on these two grandmas' faces says it all!


Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

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Not only is this idea great for accommodating your bridesmaids' different body types but it is a great way for each of them to show a little bit of their personality in their role as loyal maid without disturbing the vision of your wedding. It can be up to you how different or similar the different dresses are - maybe a long dress for the Maid of Honour  or a funky sparkly number for your Junior Bridesmaid. The options are endless and letting your maids choose a dress that is uniquely them will make them feel fabulous as they stand by your side as you say your vows on your wedding day.



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Library Inspired Seating Cards

There are so many fun and unique ways to display your seating cards so guests can find their tables but we thought this one was super fun! Remember the days of the Dewey decimal system, when you had to search for your library books by opening wooden drawers and sorting through weathered index cards? Why not bring that nostalgia back to your wedding day? We love this super cute set-up for your guests' seating cards - alphabetized and organized!








Polaroid Memories

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Another great twist on seating cards! Your guests have to find their seating card but must replace it with a Polaroid photo of themselves. Not only is it fun for your guests but you will be left with a bunch of great photos and memories of all your beloved wedding guests! Great for a wedding scrapbook or guest book!

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Hashtag your Wedding!

Social media is a huge part of our lives so why not incorporate it into your wedding? Post signs throughout your venue with your wedding hashtag - like #thejoneswedding or #amy&mike2013 - so that you can see what people are talking about! Any photo that gets posted on Instagram or tweet that goes up on Twitter gets seen by the wedding party!

A Birthday Guest Book

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Like anything that comes from Martha Stewart, we think this is a fantastic idea. Instead of a traditional guest book, have a calendar where your guests can find their birthdays and sign their name. Not only will you have a guest book that you will look at for the next year, you've collected all your guests' birthdays so you can celebrate with them and keep the information for years to come!

Keep the Kids Busy at Dinner

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Are you worried about how to keep the kids entertained at your reception? Worry no more. Give each kid a package of drawing supplies and a blank card and ask them to create a special card for the bride and groom. This way, the kids are happy drawing and the bride and groom get an adorable message straight from the hearts of their youngest guests.

Honour your Relationship Milestones

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Looking for a creative way to number your reception tables? Use a milestone or interesting fact about your relationship for each one. Some examples? Table 7: The numbers of years we dated before getting engaged. Table 3: We had our first kiss on our third date. Table 14: We were born 14 months apart. Table 27: The number of bridesmaids dresses the bride wore before getting married herself! It's a great way for your guests to learn fun facts about you as a couple.

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What to do with your Wedding Cards

Trying to figure out what to do with all the cards you for on your wedding day? Here's a simple solution, no matter what your arts and crafts skills are! Punch holes in the cards and bind them together using metal hoops or string. You'll end up with an album of cards that won't be misplaced and that you can flip through whenever you want.

Want more ideas? Follow us on Pinterest at We are constantly finding new and great ideas for your weddings! We love to share!!

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