Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Say 'Cheese' to no cheesy photos is a professional photographer in the US who has been shooting brides for 15 years. Below, she shares some tips for brides to put their best face forward for their wedding day photographs to make everyone smile for years to come. (Photo is courtesy of Michelle Pattee)

1. Get some rest, and plenty of it. The night before your wedding will probably be a party, but make every effort possible to get eight hours of sleep. It is the best beauty treatment out there and it does not cost a cent. Try to pack in the sleep hours the week before your wedding also – it will definitely make a difference. If you are feeling overwhelmed with tasks, then delegate, delegate, delegate, so you can hit the hay!

2. Don’t get your first facial the week of your wedding. If you have never been to an aesthetician, then pace yourself and schedule your treatments in advance. Your skin may react unpleasantly and you need a window of time for it to calm down. Skin treatments are more effective in a series, and should begin at least six months before your Big Day.

3. Drink water. I know you have heard this plenty before, but it plumps the skin. Plus, it ranks as another FREE beauty treatment and we like those. Eat something too. You may be too nervous for food on your wedding day, but you must eat, especially breakfast. You need the fuel food provides to get you through the party (and the photo session).

4. Put your faith in yourself. Go with your gut when you hire your photographer. She or he will be in very close proximity to you on a day in your life that is like no other. Listen to your instincts when you are interviewing prospective shooters and ask yourself these questions: Can I be comfortable around this person, even in my bathrobe? Will my family and friends be comfortable with this person? You will be relaxed and confident, and that will translate though to the photographs, if you are at ease with your photographer.

5. Put your faith in your photographer. Once you have hired your photo soul mate, hand over the reins and let them fly. Tell them in advance of your wedding day, about any insecurities or opinions you have when it comes to being photographed. Once that is covered, don’t give it another thought. On the day of your wedding, let the photographer direct you and try not to second guess their instructions.


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