Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Breast Dress Project

Marry Me Productions and Groovy Linen have joined forces to create 'The Breast Dress Project'. The Breast Dress Project was launched in November 2009 in conjunction with Something White for Something Right by two friends committed to making a difference in the lives of women. Not only will the Brest Dress Project raise funds for breast cancer research but it will provide an opportunity for future brides to feel beautiful on their special day too.

Excited to help ? It could not get any easier. Just drop off your gently used wedding dress (it doesn't even have to be cleaned) to Groovy Linen at 19 Grenfell Crescent Unit 11. Please see for store hours. You will be asked to fill out a small (confidential) questionnaire when you drop off the dress. Easy questions like: the size of the dress, was it altered from the original size, is there any damage, where was it purchased, what was the purchase price etc. We are also hoping that you'll include a photo of yourself in the dress. You can request that your face not be shown. We'll also gladly accept veils and shoes if you have them.

Once our inventory is large enough, we will be hosting soirees so that brides-to-be can come by Groovy Linen and try on the dresses they are interested in. More information will be posted once our first soiree is organized.

Don't worry about not having a dress to wear for Something White for Something Right 2010 if you give away your wedding dress. Women can wear their wedding dress but it's not a requirement, anything white will do. This year we saw women in their original wedding dresses, second hand wedding dresses, borrowed wedding dresses and all white outfits. So don't let the fact that Something White has become and annual event, stop you from helping us find a cure for breast cancer and making another bride's wedding day magical.

Our website is still under construction but eventually more information will be available at

For the time being if you have questions, feel free to contact Jamie at 613-723-5755,, or Stacey at 613-796-3629,

Thank you to everyone for helping us making a difference. We will find a cure for breast cancer.


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