Thursday, April 15, 2010

Accessorize with style

One of the most overlooked details about your wedding attire is your jewelry. Hair clips (once the veil comes off), earrings, a necklace (if the neckline of the dress warrants it), are often forgotten in the midst of choosing your dress, designing your hairstyle and shoe shopping. Most brides end up wearing the same pearls they wear to the office or the jewelry becomes your 'something borrowed'. Don't get us wrong, we are inspired with brides borrowing their mom's pearls she wore at her wedding or honouring Grandma's memory by wearing her vintage diamond earrings. But if you have nothing planned, consider buying something from a fabulous website we discovered.

Stella & Dot is a fairly new jewelry company based out of San Fransisco and has (thankfully) spread to Ottawa. Despite it being a new player in the industry their products have already been featured in prominent magazines such as Oprah, In Style, People, Lucky and more. Not to mention seen on a multitude of celebrities. The available jewelry looks so luxurious but can be yours from between $30 to $400. Affordable luxury- is there anything sweeter to the ears of a bride-to-be ?

The items are purchased by a company representative either online or at 'trunk shows' (think Tupperware parties minus the Tupperware).

Our contact at the company is Naomi Legault and she is extremely helpful and knows her stuff. The items can only be purchased through Naomi and can not be found in retail stores. She recently told us the the company is coming out with new items for the Spring. Specifically on April 26, we'll be introduced to the little girls' line which would be perfect for your adorable flower girl(s). Soon to come as well, a 'charms' collection that you can mix and match and personalize making them unique gifts of appreciation for your maids.

Now that you know a bit more about Stella & Dot, we're excited to announce that we will be teaming up with Naomi for an exciting giveaway!! We don't want to reveal too much now so check back here soon for all the details. We will say that we're pretty upset we are not eligible for the draw because the piece that is up for grabs is gorgeous !

Check out all the available goodies here

or contact her at 613-858-5347. Items can be purchased directly through Naomi's website or by phone. If you can't narrow down an item and think your friends would love some of the stuff too, you could contact Naomi to request hosting a 'trunk show' so all your friends can see this chic jewelry up close. Just don't forget the mimosas !


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