Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Open Meet and Greet for Engaged Couples

Marry Me Productions met so many wonderful engaged couples during the Diamond Dash and recent bridal shows- too many to actually talk to for any length of time. So, we decided to host a 'Meet and Greet' at The Standard at 360 Elgin Street Sunday June 6 2010 (this Sunday) from 1pm to 4pm.

We want to open up the 'Meet and Greet' to any engaged couple who wants to see what Marry Me Productions can offer you and your wedding. This consultation is of course free of charge.

It gets even better! Any engaged couple that stops by to meet us can fill out a ballot to win a stunning Stella & Dot heirloom bracelet (picture below) from our Stella and Dot representative Naomi

So come on down to The Standard, grab a cocktail, meet Stacey and Karen and let's talk about your fabulous wedding ideas and how Marry Me can make them happen.

Can't wait to meet you !


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