Sunday, October 17, 2010

Would you like a wedding with those fries ?

We love bringing you all things wedding-related... even the wacky. Enter the McWedding.

A McDonald's branch in Hong Kong has announced that they will begin hosting wedding services starting January 1 2011. The entire shin-dig will cost you about $260 US and a few side glances from McDonald's customers that will be chowing down on their meals since the McDonald's can not entirely close for the wedding service. Included in the wedding 'package' will be traditional menu options as well as wedding cakes made from burgers, apple pies or for the truly adventurous; Fillet-o-Fish.

The Director of corporate communications & relations in Hong Kong said that they decided to offer this service after receiving about 10 calls a month from couples who met or had their first date at the McDonald's.

Marry Me is all for any type of wedding theme but we're also fans of 'less is more' attitude. You love McDonald's or met your sweetheart at one? Why not have McDonald's bring in some of their famous burgers and fries for your midnight buffet ? or have your wedding favours be a dontation to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Canada.


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