Sunday, March 18, 2012

Midnight Snacks

I have to say, the midnight buffet table has been one of my favourite evolutions in the wedding industry. Not too long ago, people just threw out some fruit plates or pastries because they couldn't think of anything else to order. Today it's a great opportunity to be creative and provide some late night energy for your guests to keep dancing the night away.

Homemade Goodies
A nice spin on the old pastry table is actually to have close family members bake their favourite family recipes (if your reception venue allows outside food to be brought in). What better place to share Grandma's apple pie or Aunt Beth's (secret recipe) peanut butter cookies than amongst your closest friends and family. To build on this idea, you can even provide take out containers for people to take home the goodies and have the various family recipes printed on a selection of boxes.

Designer Comfort Food
It seems odd at the most expensive 'party' of your life to serve food you used to eat in university as a poor student, but there is no better time that your guests desire comfort food than when they are tired, sore from dancing and have maybe been 'overserved'.
The spin is you take the traditional food item and add upscale ingredients. For example, mac and cheese (in ramekins) served with sharp cheddar or gruyere cheeses. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches served with tomato soup shooters. Poutine bar (poutine served in martini glasses) where your guests can choose their own toppings, chocolate chip cookies served on top of shooters filled with milk- the perfect bedtime treat to honour the kid in you.

Breakfast For Dessert

Lots of people love having breakfast for dinner so their heads may explode if you bring out breakfast food at midnight ! You can go big with waffle or crepe stations where guests choose their own toppings or go very small with coffee and fresh donuts.
Surprise Guests
You can serve some of your favourite foods with the help of a supporting cast. If your venue allows it, contact your local Dairy Queen, McDonald's, pizza parlour or donut shop and see if they are able to bring some equipment on site to make your favourite treats. It doesn't have to be a big retailer either, there are a lot of street vendors that can bring their cart to your event and cook on site- perfect for warm hot dogs, fluffy cotton candy or crispy Beaver Tails.


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