Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guest Blog Post - From Tulips and Maple

As our regular blog followers know, we like to feature guest posts from wedding/event industry experts.

Today's is a real treat because one of the most important elements at your wedding is your food. Today's blog post is from Karinne Di Sanza-Baker, a senior catering consultant with one of our favourite caterers in the city: Tulips and Maple. Tulips and Maple are always on the cutting edge of catering foods and catering trends. They often send their staff off on catering conferences all over North America to learn all they can to make your wedding/event's catering unfortgettable.

In today's blog post, Karinne speaks about "Catertaining" for your wedding and using your catering to involve your guests, add decor and mix food and drink in one. Really inspiring. Thanks again Karinne !

Guest Post by Tulips and Maple:

Not only are we in the middle of a very busy wedding season, but this is also the time that future brides start planning their 2013 weddings. Having returned from an international catering conference in the spring which inspired the release our new “Catertaining” menu, we would like to share some fun ways to upgrade your catering at your wedding reception. We have had the pleasure of catering many Marry Me weddings so we know you are always out looking for the newest and greatest ideas for your special day!

Welcome Drink

Give your guests a chance to create their own signature drink at cocktail hour.  These photos capture the “drink wall” concept. Guests help themselves to a variety of creative garnishes to customize their drinks, such as fresh berries, flavoured jelly cubes, or candied citrus fruits; the possibilities are endless!

Shake up your Reception

Don’t just serve food at your cocktail hour, serve Fooze! We have combined hors d’oeuvres with a complimentary drink to add a twist to traditional cocktail fare. Our two favourites are the Caesar paired with bacon swizzle sticks and the whisky-based Algonquin served with a jerk-marinated beef skewer. Creative brides and grooms can even come up with their own combinations for this crowd-pleasing presentation!

Scrap the Plate, Use a Bubble

Why not find new ways to present the food your guests will be enjoying on your wedding night? Instead of servers passing hors d'oeuvres, why not display them on a food wall ! You can even pick your own background to match your wedding colours.

Or what about serving your salad in a bubble? Our signature "Bubble Bar" is a perfect alternative to the typical salad bar. Watch your guests giggle while they shake up their salad! A whole new meaning for "tossed salad".

There are endless ways to add "catertainment" to your wedding reception. We are excited to share our ideas with our Tulips and Maple couples.

Here's to a great wedding season....and more to follow !


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