Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Your civic duty- as a fellow wedding lover...VOTE !

Wedding Industry Experts is a unique website that brings together wedding experts or "panelists" from all over the world with brides and wedding-experts-in-training. Their goal is "to present a glimpse into their lives (the wedding industry experts) with the aim of recognizing and inspiring excellence".

The panelists are not only award winning industry experts but role models and innovators in their area of expertise (wedding planner, photographers, caterers etc.). The website not only plays 'cupid' to industry experts and experts-to-be but compiles detailed and thoughtful reports (weekly) that are available to anyone free of charge. A priceless opportunity to those wanting to start out in the wedding industry or even just curious brides-to-be.

Marry Me Productions is honoured to be nominated for 'Best Wedding Planner, Ottawa' in their Wedding Industry Experts 2012 Awards.

These awards are not handed out by a panel of judges or the Wedding Industry Experts 'panelists', they are chosen by people like you- you get to choose the vendors you love.

Click here to cast your vote. Voting closes at 4pm on August 31 and you can only vote once every day with each 'device' (computer, ipad, mobile phone etc.). The best part, you don't have to set up an account or provide your email address. Just follow the link and click to click a day.

Thanks for all your support- we love you guys !
~Stacey, Brianna, Emma, Meagan and Karen


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