Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fab Find

I am obsessed with scented candles. I always have one lit in my living room when I am relaxing at home in the evenings. Not only does the soft glow from the candle make my room feel inviting and warm but the scent at the time can make me happy, nostalgic even hungry depending on which candle is burning. My preferences are Slatkin & Co., which are available at Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle which are available at Hallmark, Home Outfitters and many other retailers.

So, I was so excited to see that Yankee candle offers a personalization service for their candles. It makes for a great wedding favour for your guests if you love candles as much as I do.

You can pick the photo to affix to the front, the text and even the scent. The website doesn't do the idea justice- but imagine using a photo of you and your sweetie, perhaps a (black & white) romantic pose from your engagement photo shoot, a tag line that is totally you both, the date of your wedding or just a simple "thank you" to your guests. And the most fun- choosing your scent. A sweet scented candle because you love to bake? Maybe an oak scented one because you are honeymooning in Napa Valley wine tasting in the sunshine with your new hubby. What about a Fall harvest scented candle because you are getting married in the Fall and your guests can enjoy the scents from your wedding's season for weeks to come. The possibilities are endless.

I prefer the small tumbler sized candles instead of the jars (they look more modern) and if you think your guests will just throw out the glass jar once the candle is done, think again- here is a fabulous idea to reuse your empty candle jars.


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