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Guest Blog: 2013 Bridal Beauty Trends from

Gone are the days of baby pink lips and nude eye shadow. Bridal makeup trends have evolved from understated and cautious to the forefront of the beauty industry. Traditionally dictated by celebrity red carpet looks and high fashion trends, brides increasingly want makeup that is cutting edge, sophisticated and never boring. In this month’s guest blog, beauty experts Amy, Elissa, Heather and Rachel of each dish about what trends they are seeing on real brides and share their thoughts on a hot trend: airbrushing.

Amy on trends and airbrushing

photo: Barbara Ann Studios
I find that brides are getting 'sexier', and more daring. They are embracing the smokey eye and/or the red lip. Modern brides aren't afraid to play with their makeup a bit more.

Even with new and different makeup trends, beautiful skin is at the top of every bride's wish list...and the trend towards airbrush guarantees this for every bride.

A fantastic way to provide coverage and a flawless finish while still showcasing fresh, clear skin is airbrushing. Airbrushing allows the bride and her attendants to forget about their makeup. It is incredibly long-wearing, helping their makeup to last the entire wedding day.

Elissa on effortless elegance

Brides continue to ask for elegant and glamorous wedding day makeup. They want a look that is more special than their everyday makeup, but not so drastically different that it seems artificial or unnatural. There is a trend towards timeless and effortless elegance; incredibly flawless and smooth skin, glowing shimmering cheeks, naturally rosy lips and defined eyes. What every girl wants, right? Don't we just wake up like that?

 Brides are no longer afraid of makeup; they want everything it has to offer in order to make them feel their most beautiful. This doesn't mean thick and heavy makeup; it means understanding how makeup can help them achieve their dream look. Almost every bride is asking for false lashes to add extra drama to the eyes. The trick is choosing the appropriate style that compliments each bride’s eyes and lashes. I also have a lot of clients wanting dramatic, smokey and sexy eyes with an elegance factor that makes it perfect for the wedding.

photo: Fleischer Photography

Our clients are also so excited about airbrush foundation. We are able to achieve a flawless complexion with minimal makeup. It feels so light on the skin and lasts all night. Whether you need light or full coverage, airbrush looks so natural on every skin type.

Heather on brides as muses
Brides we see in blockbuster movies and celebrity wedding photos are the perfect muses for makeup artists and cosmetic brands everywhere. The best example is the vampire influence: bold lips, flawless complexion and subtly smokey eyes. Deep cranberry tones for lips and lip stains instead of sticky, goopy glosses are all the rage. We are seeing this trend carry over to celebrity weddings with a focus on perfected and often paler skin than we have seen on brides for a long time. That luminous look is really beautiful, especially with a sheer or slightly pearlized airbrush foundation so that deeper smokey eyes, naturally flushed-looking cheeks and lips really stand out.

Rachel on the bold and the beautiful

Brides love glam eyes! What constitutes a glam eye? It could be colour, shimmer or intense smokey drama but it undoubtedly always makes the eyes the focal point of a glam makeup. It’s almost over-the-top but with a sophisticated edge.

Increasingly we are seeing rosy and bright lips - that cherubic “bitten” look that evokes freshness and innocence that is sexy at the same time.

photo: Barbara Ann Studios
Big lashes are still super hot, from extensions to luscious false lashes. Brides love them. Bold brows are also making a comeback. Not quite the Brooke Shields brows of the 80s but big, brave and beautifully groomed to frame and enhance the eyes.

Radiant skin and the “no makeup” makeup go hand in hand. As seen on the red carpet or perhaps copied by red carpet celebrities who want to look fresh and flawless like brides, the perfected finish only achievable with airbrush is what every bride wants.

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