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Guest Blog Post: Shutterbug Photo Booth on the uniqueness a photo booth can bring to your wedding


Photo booths at weddings have taken the industry by storm. 10 years ago, they were not that popular and now, it’s hard to imagine a wedding without one. Heck, even us Marry Me gals will hop in to the booth to make some memories. For this month’s guest blog post. We have asked our friends (and photo booth trailblazers) at Shutterbug Photo Booth to tell you what sets them apart from other photo booths and how using a photo booth at your wedding produces much more than a roll of photos.

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The sleek booth design, high resolutions print-outs and customizable logos have ultimately changed the way the photo booth concept is perceived. As one of the first photo booths in Ottawa, we have had the honour to capture countless priceless memories for our clients. Four years later, there is no end in sight and we’re here to explain why photo booths are an integral part of the wedding, along with a few tips when picking out your booth.

The wedding from your guest’s point of view:

Remember the days of disposable cameras?  A very popular idea where guest would take it upon themselves to shoot the wedding from their eyes, leaving the newlyweds with great photos as captured by their guests. In theory, this was a fantastic idea, however, many times this process proved not only to be costly but typically produced unusable, poor photos. The average person is usually not a great photographer and fuzzy shots, thumbs on the lens or black photos due to the lack of light were commonly seen.  Along with bad shots, guests could go home with the camera, forget to take pictures and if a good picture was captured - not everyone could see the end results. Modern photo booths provide this popular idea with a different spin - ensuring the quality of photos are consistent, professionally shot and easily accessible. Photos are perfect every time and guests receive instant print-outs, holding onto great memories. All guests can enjoy each photo through the event gallery while the newlyweds receive the high resolution digital copies. Problem solved.

Get the party started:
Speeches, slides shows and dinner followed by nightly entertainment – it’s time to party! Pumping music fills the air, but not all guests were created equal. Although Uncle Sammy may think disco isn’t dead and also believes that having two left feet is a compliment - he may not feel the music suits his taste.  Cue photo booth!  A vibrant mode of amusement, guests rock the photo booth all night long. You’ll be eagerly waiting to see as each shot gets bolder and more creative as the night goes on. As we scan the weddings we see disperse groups all entertained by the photo booth: from the people watching and waiting for the results on the outside monitors, to a group of creative guests whispering about their next move and to some laughing so hard they can hardly speak. Of course, there is always the few, who love it more than they should. Watch out!

Wedding favours your guest will keep:

Favours have been a great way for couples to show gratitude, leaving a small token of their appreciation to each and every guest. Every wedding has a budget and usually plays a significant part in the couple’s final choice. A fine line between budgeting and having favours left on the table, many couples have found that the ‘bomboniere’ or wedding favour can be combined with the use of the photo booth.  Serving as multipurpose function, photo booth budgeting makes for an affordable keepsake.  The best part, these favours are actually taken home, hung on the fridge or posted at work, allowing the guests to reminisce about the good times they had. Be prepared to have your wedding remembered for a long, long time.

Everyone’s personal photographer:

Let’s clear the air – we are NOT a replacement for photographers and photographers are not replacements of us! Photographers capture the newlyweds and wedding party in an intimate and unique manner, defining the photographer’s personal style. A photo booth on the other hand captures you and your guest’s unique personality (whether it be silly, serious, romantic, or even perhaps a pirate). This specialized contraption is an enclosed space, allowing guests to go through amusing props where the imagination is the limit. To add, there will never be the need to ask “can you take a picture of us?” or “remember to send me that photo”. Just gather your friends and family, close the curtains and strike the most ridiculous or sophisticated pose preferred.  The unique feel of privacy reveals each person’s true personality. The enclosed space allows for an element of surprise, capturing that exact moment. 

A defining element:

It is very common for couples to strive to have some unique aspects to their wedding.  As an experienced photo booth company, we have yet to hit the whole population. Even though the concept has gained popularity – from wedding magazines and shows – it still remains an awe factor, as most guests will see the photo booth for the first time. We still hear many guests utter “I’ve never seen this before!” or “This is a great idea!”, translating into a unique and memorable wedding. Another outstanding concept is the debut of “Shutterbug Photo Lounge”, which has re-created this astonished look among guests.

Booth Education:

A wedding is a onetime deal and the booths have to stay par with the perfect day. Some good questions to start with are: Is the booth enclosed? Do they have sample printouts? How will the guests receive a copy? Is there a gallery? Will you receive a digital copy? What is their experience with weddings? (as your wedding is a one day event).

With all these great reasons we are reassured that we love what we do – being a wonderful addition to one of the best days of your life. The out-of-control laughter, smiles and gasps of bewilderment only propels us to create better experiences for our clients. As the photo booth concept gains popularity in the media, more booths will pop up and it is important to ask the right questions. As with everything, all booths are not created equal and when choosing your booth, it is best to talk to a few vendors to ensure that their services match your expectations. This will result in the best possible experience for you and your guests.  With so many great features, the photo booth is here to stay! Happy planning.

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