Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tune into the A-Channel Friday Morning

Marry Me Productions will be joining you for breakfast Friday morning on the A-Channel for two special features (starting at 7:15am). Stacey will be letting viewers know what's hot in the wedding industry for 2010 in a segment entitled "What's Hot".

Marry Me will also be planning a live on-air wedding in a segment entitled "I do Re-do". This isn't new to Marry Me though, we were happy to be part of another "I do Re-do" back in October with a wonderful couple: Ingrid and Gino on October 23 2009. The concept was thought up by the A-Channel who wanted to give married couples whose wedding days did not go as they planned, a chance to re-do their special day.

We're so excited to be part of this idea again and to get you excited, take a look at some of the photos (photos courtesy of Andrei Filippov) of Ingrid and Gino's wedding last October.


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