Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Intimate Summer Love- Allison and Dave

I figured this stunning post would be perfect for today with the dark, wet day we've had.....
We had the pleasure of working with Allison and Dave in planning their wedding. They are a beautiful couple together- inside and out. Unlike most brides, Allison actually didn't want all the attention on her that warm September day. To her, it was more about the marriage than the wedding day itself. As a result, her decor was influenced by her attitude- understated, elegant and timelessly beautiful; up lighting, candles, white florals and grey linens.

The ceremony and reception was held in the same place- the outdoor tent at the Brookstreet Hotel. The same spider chairs from the ceremony were used for the reception- tables and more flowers were brought in. The room was 'flipped' during the cocktail hour- quite the team effort for myself and the Brookstreet team but the guests enjoyed seeing the same tent transformed not once but twice in one evening.

The most unique thing about their wedding was their guest book. Allison and Dave purchased various bottles of their favourite red wines. Each had a tag on the neck saying various years such as "First Year", "Fifth Year" "Seventh Year" "Tenth Year" etc.. Guests used metallic pens to write their well wishes to the couple directly on the bottles. That way, every wedding anniversary that Allison and Dave celebrate in the future, they will open the appropriate bottle of wine and share their guests' wedding day memories and words of wisdom all over again.

Thanks to our friend Derrick Rice from Union Eleven Inc. for capturing the simplistic beauty of the entire day.

Much love to Allison and Dave xo

Wine bottle guest book


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