Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's Hear it for the Boys !

It's easy to forget about your groom's details during the wedding planning process. Other than his suit, one thing that your groom will be showcasing is his boutonniere. Over the years we have seen delicate boutonnieres wilt in the summer heat, larger boutonnieres weigh down suit lapels or dress shirts and normal-perfect-sized boutonnieres get destroyed as the groomsmen great guests with hugs and chest bumps or simply taking on and off their suit jackets and tossing them aside. It's not the guys' fault ladies- this is most likely the first time they have ever worn a flower on their suit jacket and as a result, they simply forget it's even there. Depending on what type of boutonniere you order and how many groomsmen you have in your wedding party (Father of the Groom, Father of the Bride, Ringer Bearers, Grandfathers all get one too), it can get expensive.
So, I have found some really unique and classy alternatives to floral boutonnieres if you would like to cut down on your floral costs, don't trust your groomsmen to take care of their boutonnieres all afternoon or simply want to add a bit of creativity to the guys in your wedding party. Why should the bridesmaids have all the fun ;)

This boutonniere was made with fabric shaped like leaves. The fabric can come from a beloved source: an old varsity hoodie or perhaps your grandfather's old suit jacket- a great way to include him if he has passed on.

Fabric boutonnieres
This seashell boutonniere has soft ivory fabric glued to the back. The fabric can be matched to the 'colours' of your wedding. This is a great alternative to a floral boutonniere for a beach wedding. This can easily be done yourself.

This boutonniere was made with spark plug and some greenery added in. The groom was a mechanic. What a great way to add some of the groom's character and personality into the boutonnieres.

This boutonniere is one of our favs! Found on Martha Stewart, it may not save you money but it will be an instant heirloom. Have a metal disc engraved for your groom with your initials and wedding date. Sew it to a ribbon and glue/sew the fabric to a flat-back safety pin (found at most craft stores). Something beautiful for him to pull out for Anniversaries or your (eventual) children's weddings.


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