Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chantal & Mike’s Pink & Paisley Production

We can’t say enough about Chantal & Mike. They were such a pleasure to work with. Not only the way we all worked together to plan their wedding but just as individuals. Their love is contagious !

The wedding was held on July 10 2010 in the Great Hall of the Art Gallery. Chantal and Mike went with a bold colour scheme: pink and paisley. Honestly, this paisley linen has been very popular this season. We’ve used in 3 different weddings thus far: paisley and black, paisley and lime green and now paisley and hot pink and it has looked fabulous each time !

The paisley linen and hot pink really shines in the Great Hall for this wedding because the vast hall gives breathing room to the excited paisley and bright pink.

Talented photographer Andrew Geddes http://www.andrewgeddes.com/ captured the magic of these two colours in the photos below. Visit his blog for more private shots of the wedding. Thanks for sharing them Andrew ! If you haven’t checked out Andrew’s informative guest post in our blog, check it out here http://www.marrymeproductionsblog.com/search/label/wedding%20photography

This linen is available at Groovy Linen http://www.groovylinen.com/

Congratulations Chantal and Mike ! We wish you two lovebirds all the best...


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