Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo Contest !

Have you ever wished you could design someone’s website for them ? Well, we’re going to give you that opportunity. Whoa, slow down tigers (or more accurately, tigresses). We’re going to let you guys pick our website's next homepage images !

Our homepage has always featured a rotation of some of our favourite photos of Marry Me Productions couples on their wedding day taken by some of our city’s most talented photographers. We only have one picture on our homepage now because honestly, there are so many fantastic shots that we can’t choose ! We’re turning to you guys- our Facebook ‘fans’, avid blog followers and ‘tweethearts’ to help us decide what top 3 photos should be rotating on our homepage.

We literally just came up with this idea now so we’re just beginning to contact our favourite photographers to tell them about this exciting ‘contest’ but we’re so excited we had to blog about it to you guys first !
We want all our weddings this year to have an opportunity to be included in the contest so the final 'contenders' we post for your votes will only be up in mid-late October. We’ll post all the details then.

Gotta run and start emailing our photographers....

Happy long weekend !


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