Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Worth the Wait

After being under construction for 10 years, the Museum of Nature re-opened to the public in late May- better than ever. It was worth the wait and Marry Me was so honoured to plan the first wedding there in their new space.


Belinda and Tim were married May 30 2010 at the Museum. Their ceremony was in the Salon and their reception was in the Fourth Floor Gallery. Believe it or not there were two fire alarms that day and even that couldn't stop this couple from walking down their beautifully decorated aisle!

The couple chose vibrant colours that reflected their vibrant personalities. The Fourth Floor Gallery is a modern-looking room with a loft-like feel; with exposed industrial ceilings and stark white walls. The trick to decorating in a loft-like space is not to fight it but to compliment it with decor that is bold, contemporary and unique. The centrepieces were simple yet tall to emphasize the open space above and the tables were sleek, simple and long.

Although it's tempting to choose a variety of colours for a wedding in a loft where the walls tend to be white or glass, it's safer to choose one or two vibrant colours and use them to fill the room. That way, the room isn't competing for attention between various colours. Belinda and Tim chose eggplant and a dark blood red. Pink elements were peppered in with the napkins, bouquet and cake.
All of Belina and Tim's decor dreams were brought to life by the Nancy and the fabulous people at Wedecor http://www.wedecor.ca/

Up lighting was used to fill the space with the vibrant eggplant colour, and the tables were covered in votives of different sizes. The glow from the uplighting and votives really made the room come alive at night.

Another difficult element when using a loft for a wedding is carving out specific 'spaces'; for dinner, for cocktails, for relaxing etc. Belinda and Tim rented Barcelona white leather chairs and a sofa complimented with glass tables. A shag rug underneath framed that space to be the lounge area which guests appreciated when their feet needed a break from the dancing.

One element that wasn't modern was Belinda and Tim's homage to their African culture with their tribal dress at the end of the night. Which is why we love the last picture in this set- the juxtaposition of their traditional dress while looking at the modern glass wonder that is now part of our city's newest museum is breathtaking.

Congratulations Belinda and Tim- we wish you all the best !

Thanks once again to our amazing friends at MIV Photography http://www.mivphotography.com/miv.htm for sharing these shots with us.


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