Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Think outside the 'box'

There is something about long banquet tables at family gatherings. Guests sitting closely together, pouring each other's wine, celebrating and giving thanks. Does that not sound like something you'd do at a wedding? Of course ! So why not have long banquet tables at your reception?

We don't want to say "this trend" has been around for awhile... because honestly, we don't want this to be a trend. The look is timeless and we hope it's here to stay. However, yes the 'idea' of using long banquet tables first cropped up last year but has really exploded this year.

We love them for so many reasons; they are more intimate because your guests are closer together, they are unique since almost all venues offer the standard round tables for dinner receptions, they offer so many possibilities for decor and you can actually fit more guests at long tables because they don't take up as much space as round tables- so no more guest-list fights with Mom ;)

Drawbacks; not all venues are equipped to handle endless rows of banquet tables and of course, if they are not standard with your room rental so you will pay more to rent them.

The most important thing when using long banquet tables at your reception is accessorizing the tables with centrepieces, candles, accessories etc. The nicest results are when you mix lines and colours in varying heights, shapes and sizes.

Long banquet tables can accommodate budgets of any kind. Small budget; think small votive candles mixed with larger pillar candles in hurricane vases with vases of varying heights of roses, peonies and hydrangeas.

Bigger budget, think pillar candles in delicate lanterns with tall candelabras trimmed in crystal beading and cascading blooms.

Repetition is so important ! Varying sizes of candles or accessories, even different centrepieces are possible but the 'pattern' has to repeat every few seats or so or else it looks disorganized.

We know we posted a lot of photos below but we couldn't help ourselves- they are all so freaking gorgeous ! We hope they inspire you to think outside the 'box'.


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